Electric Gate Servicing

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Electric gate servicing and maintenance keeps driveway gates working

If you miss out on electric gate servicing and maintenance, gate failures and breakdowns are much more likely.

Just like servicing your car or your central heating boiler, regular gate services keep them working properly and prevents expensive breakdowns.

If you know that your gates haven’t been serviced twice a year or your gates are not working properly, call us now.

A residential gate may only be used as little as twice a day and therefore only require one service a year. Some commercial or industrial gates may open and close every ten minutes and need a higher level of maintenance.

As each gate is unique, we provide a range of gate service plans to suit your requirements.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to service your electric gates!

electric gate motor repair

Bronze Gate Service

1 x Electric gate service per year

Silver Gate Service

2 x Electric gate services per year

Gold Gate Service

3 x Electric gate services per year

Included In Our Electric Gate Servicing Packages

  • Full System analysis
  • Spray & lube all mechanical parts
  • Re-align gate to avoid dragging
  • Check underground foundation box & drainage
  • Clean circuitry of dust & insect nests
  • Check all cabling for deterioration
  • Check that torque is set to recommended safety levels
  • Adjustment of gate hardware, ie rollers & hinges
  • Check all welds for potential fractures
  • Check & clean gate track
  • Check the electronic control box