Electric Gate Installations

We regularly complete electric gate installations and carry out automatic gate repairs and gate servicing throughout Central and West London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire. This is just a small sample of photos taken on recent jobs in places like Slough, Maidenhead, Windsor, Beaconsfield, Ealing, Hampstead and Central London.

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In this project, large, ugly wooden swing gates that had to opened and closed by hand were replaced.  The new single sliding gate was fabricated from individual wooden panels mounted inside a steel frame. The sliding electric motor for gates gave the owners the freedom and ease of use they wanted. A black theme for the gate frame, gate supports and cabinet for the control systems completed the look the owners wanted. As with all our electric gate installations, we designed and built a neat system perfect for the available space.

Our electric gate install work for automating gates often includes the installation of underground electric motors for gates. These discrete gate motors are hidden inside foundation boxes that are installed in shallow pits below the base of the gate hinges. As they are below the surface, each foundation box must be provided with sufficient drainage to ensure that the gate motors never sit in rain water for any period of time.

When we work on motors for automatic gates, safety is one of our primary considerations. In this example of an electric gate install, you can see finger guards mounted between the end of the gate and the gate pillar. These prevent fingers being caught as the gate closes.

Sometimes we need to install electric gates on deep pillars or brick piers. The most suitable electric motor for gates like this is often an articulated arm gate opener. The jointed arm allows the body of the gate motor to be mounted further back from the gates than rams and liner screw gate openers.

Installing underground motors for automatic gates requires skill and precision. First a suitable sized hole for the foundation box and sufficient drainage is dug. The foundation box is cemented into the pit over the drainage pit. The underground motor output shaft acts as the lower gate hinge so it must be in line with the top hinge. Once the motor is aligned and in position, it’s can be installed before the gate itself is hung.

In many cases when our customers ask for motors for automatic gates, they actually need a completely new electric gate install. These very tired, weathered and decaying wooden gates could not have been automated as they wouldn’t have been strong enough. Each leaf didn’t have the structural strength to cope with the forces from an electric motor for gates. However, the combination of pedestrian and swing driveway gates was complicated. The simplest, most secure way to add a single motor for electric gate operation was to install a sliding gate. This was constructed from beautiful wooden panels inside a strengthening metal frame.