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Electric Gate Servicing Keeps Your Driveway Gates Working

Electric gate servicing is the one thing that every automatic gate owner needs.

Electric gates are machines that are exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They work nearly every day, and the mechanisms must move heavy gates in lots of different weather conditions.

They need accurate alignment, free moving joints and components, plus safe and protected electrical control and management systems.

If they’re not working perfectly, they will certainly be a nuisance but, more importantly, they might not be safe.

All the stress on motors, gears, motor arm, hinges, wheels and linkages can cause wear. Or, they can become mis-aligned or damaged if hit by a vehicle.

Electrical components and controls can be destroyed by bugs and slugs getting into their housings and short circuiting these vital components.

And if safety devices like photocells fail, the whole system grinds to a halt.

If your gates break down, they can stop you getting back into your home or trap you in it.

A simple problem that could have been fixed in minutes for a few pounds might become the cause for much more damage needing expensive repairs to fix.

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    Electric Gate Servicing FAQ

    Electric Gate Maintenance

    • Why Do Electric Gates Need to be Serviced?

      Electric gates are a ‘machine’ made up of moving components including powerful motors, hinges, rollers, linkage arms and more. Just like a car, they need to be maintained to ensure they all work together as well as possible. Without regular maintenance and the opportunity for a gate engineer to prevent snags turning into major issues, you may need expensive repairs if your gates stop working.

      Read more about why electric gates benefit from regular maintenance here.

    • What Can Go Wrong IF Gates Aren't Maintained

      Electric gates are often used daily and they are in the path of vehicles that can damage them if they come into contact. Regular maintenance can help keep on top of niggles before they become problems and stop wear and tear from developing into breakdowns.

      There are many things that can go wrong with gates if they’re not looked after properly. Read more about what can go wrong with badly maintained gates.

    Don’t Let A Missed Electric Gate Service Ruin Your Day

    If there’s any problem with your electric gates, you need fast repairs to get them working again and to make sure they’re safe. But electric gate repairs usually cost much more than the preventative maintenance that could have stopped expensive components from failing.

    Regular gate servicing is the answer. Crossing your fingers and hoping is not going to cut it.

    If you miss out on electric gate servicing and maintenance, gate failures and breakdowns are much more likely.

    Just like servicing your car or your central heating boiler, regular gate services keep them working properly and dramatically reduce the chance of expensive breakdowns.

    If you know that your gates haven’t been serviced at least once a year or your gates are not working properly, call us now before something important stops your gates in their tracks.

    The message is simple: Don’t wait until it’s too late to service your electric gates!

    Electric gate servicing keeps gates working