Do You Need Professional Electric Gate Repairs Right Now?

You need electric gate repair if your driveway gates are making a funny noise. Maybe they don’t move so smoothly any more. Or have they stopped working completely?

The last thing you want is for your gates to stop working when you’re on the way out or coming home. If you were stuck inside or outside your gates, do you know how to open them if there is a manual override? Is there a manual override on your gates?

Automatic gate problems can fall into many different categories, and all of them make your lives harder and waste your time. They could include:

  1. Your automatic gate doesn’t open or close
  2. Your driveway gate motors make a funny noise
  3. The gate operators stop working
  4. The gate motor has come apart from its fixings so it’s no longer attached to the gate
  5. Someone has hit your driveway gates with a vehicle
  6. Your safety beams don’t work
  7. Remote controls won’t operate the gate openers
  8. Your swing gates or slide gates make an unusual noise when moving
  9. A hinge or gate opener mounting has seized or broken

These are all problems we see every day and they need to be sorted out as quickly as possible. You can read much more about what goes wrong with electric gates and how they are repaired in our blog, ‘Where Can I Find Someone To Repair Electric Gates Near Me?

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