Do You Need Professional Electric Gate Repairs Right Now?

You need electric gate repair if your driveway gates are making a funny noise. Maybe they don’t move so smoothly any more. Or have they stopped working completely?

The last thing you want is for your gates to stop working when you’re on the way out or coming home. If you were stuck inside or outside your gates, do you know how to open them if there is a manual override? Is there a manual override on your gates?

Automatic gate problems can fall into many different categories, and all of them make your lives harder and waste your time. They could include:

  1. Your automatic gate doesn’t open or close
  2. Your driveway gate motors make a funny noise
  3. The gate operators stop working
  4. The gate motor has come apart from its fixings so it’s no longer attached to the gate
  5. Someone has hit your driveway gates with a vehicle
  6. Your safety beams don’t work
  7. Remote controls won’t operate the gate openers
  8. Your swing gates or slide gates make an unusual noise when moving
  9. A hinge or gate opener mounting has seized or broken

These are all problems we see every day and they need to be sorted out as quickly as possible. You can read much more about what goes wrong with electric gates and how they are repaired in our blog, ‘Where Can I Find Someone To Repair Electric Gates Near Me?

How Can We Help?

    Electric gates don’t fix themselves and existing problems will only get worse. If you have an issue with your gates, there is only one solution and that is to bring in professional gate repairers.

    You need experienced gate installers and repairers because:

    • Gate installation electrical problems can be difficult to track down without specialist knowledge and experience
    • Any swing gate, sliding gate or gate operator alignment problems need to be diagnosed before excessive wear occurs
    • Underground gate motors need good drainage or they will fail
    • All gate operators need regular servicing to keep them working well
    • A sliding gate needs a clean track and free-moving wheels or the gate motor may become overloaded
    • Swing gate motor arms and linkages need to fixed to the gates securely and any moving parts need to be lubricated to avoid excessive wear and breakages
    • An intercom system and associated keypad needs to working perfectly or you won’t be able to talk to your visitors
    • Entry system intercoms using wireless communication with the house must have strong signals
    • Any manual release system needs to be working perfectly or it could stick when you need to open your gates by hand
    • Iron gates need regular treatment for rust and lubrication of hinges or they could bind and overload the gate openers
    • Wooden gates need constant attention or the sections move apart, joints open up, wood rots and the gates sag on their hinges and drag along the floor.
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    Gate Repair FAQ

    Fixing Electric Gate Problems

    • Where can I find someone to repair my electric gates?

      Finding the right electric gate expert means tracking down a local firm that knows all about the intricacies of electric gates. Electricians, landscaper, builders and security system installer may have some of the skills and knowledge but none combine everything they need to be a good electric gate installer.

      Read more about how to find a great electric gate installer and repairer near you here.

    • Why have my gate remotes stopped working?

      There are a few reasons that gate remotes can stop working. The simplest is that the battery inside your handheld gate remote is flat. Alternatively, the receiver your transmitter talks to or the transmitter itself may have failed. Then there’s the possibility that there’s an interference issue.

      Read more about why your gate remotes might have stopped working here.

    • What can go wrong with electric gates?

      Electric gate repairs can be costly and broken gates can be a considerable inconvenience. While some electric gate problems can’t be predicated, the chance of others occurring may be reduced with sensible maintenance.

      Typically, electric gate problems can be caused by:

      • Mechanical wear and tear
      • Electric problems
      • Impact damage to gates and linkages
      • Gate deterioration
      • Interference problems with radio signals
      • Issues with electric gates relating to installation

      Read more about all these electric gate repair problems here.

    Gate Repair Call Outs

    Electric Gate Repair London can help if your swing gates or sliding gates don’t work properly or they don’t work at all.

    We provide a fast, high quality repair service for all types of electric driveway gates and gate systems.

    Whether your automated gate has been damaged by a vehicle, or the components have become worn over time, we can repair it, replace the gate mechanisms and any access control systems.

    Our gate service and repair experts are all experienced at diagnosing the real problem and fixing it quickly and effectively.

    If you have any of the above problems with your electric gates or any other issues not listed, call our professional team of electric gate repairers now.

    We provide fast call-outs at sensible rates and all our automatic gate repairs are guaranteed.

    For emergency call outs for gate systems that have stopped completely, we aim to get to you within four hours of your call. Non-emergency call outs are usually dealt with within 48 hours.

    Our experienced, professional and polite gate engineers will identify the problem and provide you with the best solution. This ensures that the source of the problem is dealt with so it doesn’t come back.

    We complete 70% of the gate repairs we deal with on the spot within the hour.

    Where replacement parts or further work is necessary, we will explain what the problem is and what is the most effective solution to repair your electric gates. We then provide a full quote for the recommended work.

    Call us free now on 0800 195 1470 and tell us what’s wrong with your gates.

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    Electric Gate Repair In London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire

    Our offices are in Windsor and Central London so we can reach you in the whole of central London, West, Northwest and Southwest London.

    We also cover areas of  Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire and towns including Guildford, Ascot, Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and Amersham plus all areas in-between.

    Call us now on 0800 195 1470 now to get help with any problems you have with your driveway gates.

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