Why Don’t My Electric Gate Remotes Work?

One of the most common questions we get asked is: ‘Why don’t my electric gate remotes work?’

There are a number of common problems that the gate transmitter (gate remote, gate fob, gate controller) can experience. Here are the most common, their causes and how to repair them.

Gate Transmitter Problems

Why do I have to get closer to my electric gates before the remote control works?

Why don’t my gate transmitters work?

Why don’t my electric gate remotes work all the time?

When we come across these problems, there can be a few causes. A series of simple tests usually identifies the exact problem.

Gate transmitter not working

Test 1 – Is the transmitter faulty?

There could simply be a fault with the transmitter you use to open and close your electric gates. If you change the battery, this will often fix the problem. Transmitter batteries will last for a long time, but like all batteries, they will eventually die.

If you change the battery but the remote still doesn’t work as well as it used to, try your spare remote and remember to try that with a new battery as well.

If you can’t get your gates to operate with any of your remote controls with fresh batteries, you can move on to test 2.

Test 2 – Is there interference?

Remote controls use a radio signal to operate your gates, and this can be affected by interference from electrical items nearby.

Finding out what could be causing interference can be a lengthy process, but it essentially boils down to the following steps:

  • Turn off everything electrical near your gates and try your remotes.
  • If the gate remotes still don’t work, interference is not your problem and you can switch everything back on.
  • If the gate transmitters work with everything off, interference could be the cause, so you now need to identify what electrical item is causing the interference.
  • Switch one electrical item on and try your remote controls again. If the gates operate, leave that electrical item on and turn on the next electrical item and try your gate remotes again. Repeat this process until you find something that stops your gates working when it’s switched on.
  • To double check this is the cause of your interference, you can switch everything off apart from this electrical item you think is causing the interference and your gate remotes shouldn’t work properly.
  • If you then switch the item that you think is causing interference off and turn everything else back on, your gate remotes should work properly.

If interference is your problem, leave the faulty electrical item switched off and get help from the manufacturer or a gate repairer to help you fix the issue.

If you have not identified anything that changes how the gate remotes work, interference is probably not your problem and you can move onto the next test.

Test 3 – Is my receiver faulty?

Your gate remote controls send a radio signal to a receiver in your gate control system. If the receiver is faulty, it may not be picking up the signal or it might not be passing on commands to the gate motors. Either way, if your remote controls aren’t faulty and you don’t have any interference, replacing your receiver is the next step and this means getting an electric gate engineer to repair the problem.

Once you’ve carried out these tests to identify why your electric gates aren’t responding to your remotes the way they used to, there are still a few things that you might want to know.

Gate transmitter failure

How Do I Open My Electric Gates Manually?

If your electric gate remote don’t work and you can’t open your gates with them, what are your options?

If you’ve had your electric gates installed professionally, they should have a manual release system. So, when your gates don’t work properly and you need to open them by hand, the manual release system allows this.

To operate a manual release system for electric gates, you will need to put your manual release key into the manual release lock. This is usually on the body of the gate motors or in the connection between the gate and the motor.

Unlocking the manual release mechanism with the key then allows you to push the gates open or closed by hand. In essence, unlocking the manual release system separates each gate motor from the gate it controls just enough but not too much. This means that you can push the gates without causing any damage to the gate motors, but the gates can’t swing freely which would be dangerous.

Once you’ve opened or closed your gates by hand, you can relock the manual release mechanism with the key.

Open your electric gates manually

How Do I Replace A Dead Remote If They’re Not Made Any More?

If your electric gate remotes don’t work, but the manufacturer no longer makes them, what can you do? Replacing gate remote controls that are discontinued can be as simple as getting hold of their more modern replacement transmitter, if they make one. However, you can also buy cloning remotes that will copy the type of signal your old remotes send. These need programming so they operate with the existing receiver in your electric gate system.

Where old technology or radio frequencies are not used any more, a gate engineer can replace the receiver and transmitters together so a completely new system for sending and receiving your gate operating instructions is installed.

Getting The Right Electric Gate Professional To Help

The problems listed above can be tricky to diagnose sometimes, so it’s often simply best to call someone who can repair electric gates when things go wrong. That way, you know that the problem is being properly diagnosed and completely solved with a guarantee.

When you call out someone to repair your gates, it helps to explain the symptoms you’re experiencing as clearly as possible. You can also check with the gate repairer what their call out charges are and how long they think the repairs will take based on your description of the problem.

When the gate engineer arrives, they should do an initial assessment and testing which is covered by their call out fee. They will then be able to tell you what the problem is and give a price to fix it.

Many gate breakdowns don’t involve expensive fixes, and transmitter and receiver-related issues are less expensive than problems like gate motor failure or damage to your gates. In many cases, problems can be foreseen and prevented with a regular maintenance schedule for your electric gates.

If you need help with repairs to your electric gates, call Electric Gate Repair London now on 0800 195 1470.

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