We get asked a lot of different questions about the wide-ranging subject of electric gates. But there are some electric gate FAQ that we keep getting asked, so we’ve put this article together to answer those questions.

If automatic driveway gates get broken or go wrong, the electric gate repair costs can be high. But there are ways to reduce the chance of many issues occurring, ways to minimise wear and tear and even opportunities to spot potential problems before they become major issues.

Electric gate systems can work for years in all weather before causing problems. But they’re like any mechanical and electrical system so they’re prone to wear and other issues. Read more to understand what can go wrong with electric gates and how to avoid problems.

Just like a car, electric gates need to be serviced occasionally to keep them working properly. Without attention, things can seize, wear or even break and leave you with electric gates that don’t work. Read more to find out how much servicing your gates really need so you don’t pay for unnecessary maintenance.