Regular Servicing Of Automatic Gates Saves Money

Automatic gates need regular servicing to makes sure that they work smoothly. Without at least one service a year, automatic gates will be more likely to let you down. This is why we get so many calls from people with automatic gates that have stopped working or are making strange noises.

We repair a lot of automated gates in and around West and Central London.

Firstly, we usually ask when the gate was last serviced so we have some idea of what we’re looking at.

In many cases, where there has been a gate breakdown, there is no servicing record.

But the trouble with automatic gates is that they’re made up of mechanical components and moving parts.

So, just like a car, they need to be serviced to stay working well.

Unfortunately, when a gate operator fails as a result of poor maintenance, the repair bill is bigger than servicing to prevent the breakdown would have been.

If not, you can get some of the following problems:

Automatic gates need servicing

Problems Caused by Lack Of Gate Maintenance

1) Gates that make the sort of noises that shouldn’t be coming from any electric gates.
2) Lost or damaged remote controls or ones that don’t work any more for no reason.
3) Bent or broken motor brackets and arms.
4) Automatic gates that start to have a mind of their own and won’t open or close when you want them to.
5) Gates knocked out of alignment or damaged by careless drivers.
6) Waterlogged underground motors that have not been installed with enough drainage.
7) Seized gears, cogs, hinges, wheels or other moving parts.
8) Short circuits where electrical connections have been made where water can affect them.
9) Wiring issues in badly installed control panels.
10) Insects, slugs or other creepy crawlies that have got into electronic components and destroyed them.

Gate servicing avoids automatic gate breakdowns

Regular Servicing Keeps Automatic Gates Working

We see lots more issues with automatic gates that could be avoided with regular servicing.

And the trouble is that repairing broken automatic gates is often a lot more time consuming and expensive than regular servicing to avoid the problems.

If you service an automatic gate you see possible issues before they become problems.

This means that you can make adjustments or lubricate or replace smaller components.

But if something fails, it often has a knock on effect and causes more damage.

Consequently, replacing the damaged part is only half the story.

Most importantly, we have to find out what caused the breakdown and make sure that this is also fixed.

Therefore, we hope that you have regular servicing to keep your automated gates working perfectly.

If you don’t and you want a service for your automatic gates, call Electric Gate Repair London free on 0800 195 1470.

Keep automatic gates working with an annual service