If there’s no electricity, how do electric gates work in a power cut? Obviously, they don’t so what can you do to avoid being trapped inside or outside gates that won’t open or how do you close them without power?

If you already have gates at the entrance to your driveway but they’re not automated a gate automation engineer can assess your situation and find out what you would like and need from automated gates.

Electric gates are great but they’re even better when you can control who has access onto your property through your gates.

Have you ever wondered how self opening gates actually work?

They seem to open and close by themselves just as the homeowners drive towards them on their way out.
Find out how.

What are the different types of automatic gate openers?

This article describes the most effective and commonly used types of automatic gate openers available today.

Gate closers are used to make manual driveway gates into automatic gates. This article explains how you can choose the right gate automation system to transform manual gates into fully automatic gates.

So, why are electric gates that use automatic gate closers better than manual gates?

How much electric gates cost is determined by many different factors. What type of gates, how big they are, if they’re sliding gates or swing gates all play a part in the final cost. So, here’s the complete guide to all the elements that affect the cost of electric gates.

Just like a car, electric gates need to be serviced occasionally to keep them working properly. Without attention, things can seize, wear or even break and leave you with electric gates that don’t work. Read more to find out how much servicing your gates really need so you don’t pay for unnecessary maintenance.

Electric gates are big, heavy and controlled by strong electric motors. Careful consideration of the potential hazards and design and implementation of safety features to mitigate these risks is essential. Some installers reduce quote costs by taking out safety devices but this is never the way to go. Read more to find out how you can get safe electric gates without having to pay the Earth.

Everyone has unique needs and different tastes. So, how do you decide what electric gates are right for your location, daily usage and personal preferences?